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Boudoir Photography  are becoming increasingly popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom.

Rome will make you feel sexy and desirable as any boudoir photography session should make you feel.

 artistic nudes and nude boudoir photography define intimacy, sensuality and elegance.

The human body is captured in its unabashed glory in refined and tasteful images that are stunning and enduring.

Nude boudoir photography does not have to be taboo. It is about sensuality, sharing, giving and romance there is no need to feel shy or timid. After your shoot you will feel like a pro and self empowered.


Why choose a male boudoir photographer?

I have read so many blog post and advertisements claiming the best boudoir photographers are women. In reality, I don’t think gender should be one of the determining factors in making this decision.  I feel the decision should be placed soley on the reputation and work of the photographer. But since I have brought up the subject, let me explain why I think I can offer you a better shoot.

The biggest reason I can see in choosing a male photographer is that generally many of my clients are choosing to have boudoir photographs done as a gift for their significant other.  Who better to know what they might want more than another man? In fact I’ve had this discussion several times with my girlfriend, who seems to agree that no matter who you are undressing for, there is generally no more comfort or confidence in doing so in front of a total stranger, be it a man or woman.

Let’s take a look at who you would choose to get a massage from? Would it be a man or a woman? What would be the determining criteria for that decision? Again, I asked my girlfriend  what her thoughts were and her choice was a man. I asked why and she explained that she felt, in her opinion, men generally tend not to judge women’s bodies as much as women do, but instead look past the imperfections to find their good points. Let’s just say I was stunned! I guess I have never really thought about it like that until we had this discussion, but I have to say that I agree completely. My goal as a boudoir photographer is to define and enhance all of your best features in the images I create. No one is perfect and since we all have our imperfections, it’s my job to make sure you are photographed to display the beauty you have.

Don’t let gender be a factor in your decision, again make it about the person you feel most comfortable with. I can provide references who will vouch for not only my work, but also my character. I’m a professional and you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Each of my sessions is designed to be safe and more importantly fun for you!

As I explain in the privacy section normally I would try an keep as few people on set as possible. Typically outside of you and I there would only be a female makeup artist, if you choose, and/or a friend if you choose to bring someone along to your session. My goal is to promote privacy, allowing you to feel comfortable so we can create those sexy images your seeking to have captured.

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot.

1. Put some thought into it. What look are you going for? Sexy outfits, business outfits, tool belts, 40s pinup, football cheerleader etc? Less is more, keep it simple yet creative and let your unique beauty do the talking!

2. Select the clothing items that you will need. Bring something that you feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in. Ensure your clothing items are fitted to accentuate your curves but not skin tight to avoid red marks on your skin to show on your photos. Here are some ideas;Corset, Teddy, Garter+Stockings, Something pink, Lace, Something white, Veil, Something blue, Something borrowed, Just undies, His uniform, Jersey, Man’s dress shirt, vest, tie,Cowboy boots and hat, Tools of his trade or tool belt, High heels, Bustier, Something thin and transparent, Fishnets, Thigh highs, personalized/printed undies, Jewelry, Tank tops and boy shorts

3. Don’t forget to bring accessories for each outfit such as pearl necklace and some how stilettos!

4. Choose items that improve your Body Image. Most women are very worried about what they look like and think that they need to be models or be skinny to have nice photos. However, most women are not super models or size 2 waist but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful, sexy photos! Boudoir photographers will know how to highlight your best features and avoid parts that you are not so in favor of.

5. Get 'fixed' up. Hair & Makeup-Professional makeup and false lashes are strongly recommended to add the drama to your photos. Photography makeup tends to be a little on the heavier side than what you would apply day to day but that is because the flash takes away a bit of the heaviness and creates a sensual dramatic look.

6. Know what you are comfortable with showing in your photos but you really do not need to take your clothes off to be sexy. Assumed nudity or partially clothed can still be sexy! Be sure to let your photographer know what you are not comfortable with.

7. Prepare, physically, for your session. During your session you will be in many different poses that your body may not be used to and you may actually be sore the day after your shoot so be sure to drink lots of water before and after your session. Morning of your session, have a light breakfast to avoid being bloated. As mentioned above, avoid bringing tight fitting clothes or if possible avoid wearing a bra on your way to the session as it leaves elastic pressure lines on your skin.

8. It is important to be well prepared for your boudoir session to get the best results. As your Boudoir photographer I will be sure to remind you of these tips top make the most of your session.

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