Houston Architectural And Real Estate Photography

Houston professional photography  Real Estate Photography packages are a high-quality way to showcase a property.

The number of photos for a typical Real Estate property shoot will vary depending on the size of the property but will generally average three per room.  

Scheduling of the property is done on an availability basis.


Advantages of booking us:

  • Hassle-free workflow - simply contact us with the clients details and we will call them to arrange a suitable time
  • Quick turnaround - images from the shoot are ready for proofing the next day in most cases, or even earlier by special request
  • Easy image supply - images can be supplied quickly for web use as low res via email, or at high resolution to allow them to be used in printed advertising media
  • Friendly professional photographer – who are easy to work with.
  • Professional quality photographs - to help you and the client create more interest in the property, faster.
  • Experienced staging and design - inside, outside and room by room we can assist you in the perfect placement of your furniture and accessories and provide helpful advise on where to get the best deals should you need some extra "stuff" to make your pad show worthy.
  • Help - if all the technical stuff confuses you, don't worry were here to answer any questions you may . 

Here is a general list of what I expect to shoot to reach my deliverable:

  • (1) Front Exterior – One head on, one from an angle, and one closeup to show more detail
  • (2) Family – Showcasing the family room itself, and also how it may connect to other spaces like the kitchen
  • (3) Kitchen
  • (4) Eat-In Kitchen Area
  • (5) Master Bedroom
  • (6) Master Bathroom
  • (7) Guest Bedrooms
  • (8) Guest Bathroom
  • (9) Back Exterior – One closeup to show detail an patio/porch, and two at different angles to show the backyard and back side of the home itself

Some other spaces that may exist in a home can be used for photos to take some of the weight off the ones above:

  • (1) Formal Dining
  • (2) Formal Living
  • (3) Media
  • (4) Game
  • (5) Subdivision Amenities

Shooting Exteriors

  • Focal Length – Varies, but I shoot the longest possible
  • Focus Point – The front surface of the home – a window, front door, eave, etc.

Here are a few things we look for when approaching your site:

  • Formal signage, custom landscaping and garden works
  • Community recreation facilities (swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, clubhouses etc.)
  • Appealing views of (and along) the entrance drive
  • Neighborhood trails and greenways

We edit with  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC and DoX Labs to post-process and edit our real estate shoots.

So you thinking about doing it your self? 

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a real estate agent in possession of a good property must be in need of great photography.” – Jane Austen

Alright, that may not be the exact opening line to Pride and Prejudice, but it definitely gets the point across on how valuable photography now is for real estate agents, what with the advent of the Internet and the increasing ubiquity of tablets and smartphones. It’s no longer a matter of “if” you use photography with your listings, but “how,” and we’ve got five essential tips to show how to use photography the right way.

  1. Join your competitors – As we were just saying, stop debating whether or not you will use high-quality photography for your listings; every progressive, successful agent out there is using it. Also, think of it like this – with its current fixation on photography, real estate has finally reached the standards that everyone holds other products to. As Brian Balduf, the chairman of Chicago-based VHT Inc., explained in a recent Chicago Tribune piece, even low-priced items at Walmart are well-photographed in the company’s catalogs.
  2. Have the necessary equipment – Aside from the camera itself (and make sure it’s a quality camera; peruse Amazon customer reviews for some perspective), you’ll definitely want to invest in complementary equipment, such as extra memory cards, the necessary cords for your computer (so you can transfer the photos from your camera to your computer) and, most importantly, a tripod. You could have steadier hands than the man who shot Liberty Valance, but a tripod will always take a cleaner shot. And, though it may seem like an obvious point, double check that your equipment is not visible in windows or mirrors; 
  3. Balancing act – As award-winning real estate photographer Dave Rezendes explained , you’ll want to balance feeling and function in your photographs, so prospective buyers can see the property’s features and see themselves living there. In other words, the home should look livable, rather than mechanical, and the angles you choose when photographing will play a bit part in that. Forty-five degree angles, Rezendes said, are the preferable angle, because they really bring out the depth of a living space.
  4. Obsess over lighting – Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying take a photography class and study the art of effective lighting; rather, be conscientious of how the lighting is in room when you’re photographing it. Few things are more taxing on the eye than poorly-lit rooms, and whether on Trulia, Zillow or your own personal website, buyers will not hesitate to click ahead to another agent’s property with well-lit rooms. Rezendes even recommended buying an external flash unit to balance a room’s lighting.
  5. Duplicates – This is another golden rule, right up there with having the right equipment. Your first shot may look perfect, but when you get home, load the image into your computer and look it over because there are a number of things you may not have noticed the first time around, like a bad shadow, a reflection or an unfortunate crease in the master bed’s comforter. Therefore, multiple shots from multiple angles are necessary to compensate for any unseen errors.

Photography can be quite a bit of fun, but as our tips demonstrate, it’s not something to be taken lightly. For nearly 90 percent of buyers today, the homebuying process begins online, so having great photography will be the ultimate difference between your property and the other agent’s down the block.

If this sound like to much work for you, We know your time is valuable.


Professional gear used :

Nikon D810 full frame 

Nikon D750 full frame 

Nikkor 14mm-24mm 2.8

Tokina 16mm-28mm 2.8

Profoto studio style lighting when needed 

Daylight captures:

Professional Standard Photography Package.

$125.00 A hour

  • 18 – 32 Photos*
  • High Quality
  • 24hr turn around
  • -Additional charges may apply

* HPP will shoot as many photos as the home will allow  

Professional  HDR Photography Package.

$225.00 A hour

  • 18 – 32 Photos*
  • High Quality HDR
  • 24hr turn around

-Additional charges may apply
* HPP will shoot as many photos as the home will allow  

Twilight Capture:

  • Exterior and interior shots taken at dusk
  • Professional quality
  • Suitable for modern residences or commercial buildings
  • Gives a warm interior look with a beautiful night-time ambience outside
  • $175.00 - Complete collection of image files


All of our Packages Include

  • Professional digital photographer with the latest digital equipment
  • Up to an hour of photography at your property
  • Processing of RAW file format to JPG format
  • Digital enhancement for optimum colour balance and contrast
  • Two sets of images - high resolution images for print and resized images for website
  • Flexible turnaround to suit you
  • DVD of images delivered to you (Express additional)

Travel Fees:

We  service the central Houston area but will photograph your listing in the following areas for the additional fee:
(This would be in addition to your Photography fee)
Area 1: Pearland, Deer Park, Pasadena, Clear Lake, Humble – $25
Area 2:  Kingwood,  La Porte, Spring, Woodlands, Tomball  – $50
Area 3: Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Willis, Cleveland, Galveston – $75

Other related services we offer Professional head shots and video productions for your real estate site.

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Please give us a call  if you have questions or would like to schedule a session. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.